Custom “PowerPoint” style Editor

Custom Editor

The easy2training Custom Editor makes adding and editing content a breeze with our range of different content and layout templates

And if you need assistance making any adjustments and tweaks we’re on hand to help.

A Quick taster of our Custom Editor with “PowerPoint” style templates

The animation above gives you a quick 50 second overview of how the editor works. You can see more detail further down this page

Our custom editor templates make it easy

We have thirty different templates that you can choose from to help you build your lessons or site pages quickly and effectively.

Furthermore, you can use multiple templates in a page, add, edit and remove elements from within each one. Just start with the template that most suits your needs. Templates include:

  • One, two and three column layouts
  • Text, bullet list and images
  • Video embed templates for Vimeo, Youtube and FV (Amazon)
  • Separators, both clear and with lines, to break up content
  • Avatar templates*

*Avatar Templates – Our easy2 avatars work to introduce or provide commentary on lesson / course specifics. These help add colour and imagery to your content, break the text up and allow you to highlight key points. See more below

The editor and templates have been deliberately modelled along similar lines to PowerPoint as a familiar editing tool for many people, and well-suited to lesson content.

Avatar Templates

This illustration shows an avatar template. Avatars can be custom made by our in-house "easy2studios" designers.

Avatars can be based on people in your team / organisation, imaginary people or characters. You can see more in our Animations, Graphics and Avatars page

Combining the power of avatars for engaging attention and the flexibility of the editor, you can change between avatars by just changing the name in the avatar field.